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Infrastructure & Communication

Limited resources and a lack of reliable telecommunication place Yanomami communities at risk of devastating epidemics and incursions of illegal gold miners. The Yanomami Foundation supports projects that reinforce infrastructures such as medical clinics and schools to advance education programs and enhance communication systems. However, much more work must be done to fortify and equip existing hotspots in Yanomami territory.

By improving existing infrastructure and communication systems, we will enhance the monitoring of Yanomami health situations leading to improved disease surveillance, medical response times, and limited spread of infectious diseases. Furthermore, we will enhance the reliable emergency transportation of patients and medical personnel to outpatient clinics.


We are mindful of the ecological footprints of various technologies and tools utilized in the Yanomami territory. However, clean energy and power supply are necessary for Yanomami programs and to protect the Amazon. Thus, a significant part of our work implements advanced, innovative, zero-emissions technologies to help us accomplish objectives that require complex energy needs and minimize the output of harmful pollutants and toxins.

Furthermore, our impact will help decrease the region’s dependency on fossil fuels. By sharing resources with the Yanomami programs and other support groups, we build intercultural and international trust as we all work towards achieving the same goals.


Our Infrastructure & Communication Projects

  • Installing reliable satellite communication systems at Yanomami schools and medical clinics

  • Replacing gas-powered outboard motors with fully electric ones

  • Decreasing dependency on fossil fuels by installing solar panels and reliable off-grid battery supplies

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