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The Yanomami Foundation

The Yanomami Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity dedicated to supporting the Yanomami people. Our team of experts from diverse backgrounds collaborates to raise funds and manage projects that equip Yanomami communities with the tools, resources, and intercultural training necessary to safeguard their way of life and preserve their Amazonian homeland. We prioritize providing resources and funding to ensure Yanomami communities' ongoing success and prosperity. We deeply respect their way of life and work closely with Yanomami leaders and community members to address their challenges.


Guiding Principles


Respecting indigenous cultures entails acknowledging their rich heritage, honoring traditional practices, and fostering meaningful partnerships that prioritize cultural autonomy and preservation


Projects must ensure they do no harm and proactively identify and mitigate potential negative impacts. They prioritize ethical considerations and engage in thorough risk assessments, stakeholder engagement, and monitoring and evaluation to prevent unintended harm.



It is essential to maintain a balance between promoting socioeconomic development and preserving traditional values and customs. We collaborate with support groups that share our mission towards providing tangible and sustainable benefits.


Establishing strong relationships with these communities is critical to building mutual trust, understanding, and cooperation, all of which are essential for achieving common goals and promoting positive change.


Projects and programs must aim to gain a better understanding of the Yanomami way of life, languages, and the effects of exposure to other cultures.


Establish a closer connection between the Yanomami people and the global community by sharing knowledge and experiences, and viewing them as an essential part of the world community rather than an isolated group.

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