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Dark Rainforest Path

The Yanomami Foundation

Our Mission

Equip Yanomami communities with the tools, resources, and intercultural training necessary to safeguard their way of life and preserve their Amazonian homeland.

Our Vision

A future where the Yanomami people can fully exercise autonomy over their affairs, authentically represent themselves, and have the power to determine their own paths, whether by integrating into the global community or maintaining their isolation.


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Yanomami skin microbiome

Microbiome Research

We facillitate microbiome research projects among the Yanomami to improve global health and preserve indigenous knowledge. By including Yanomami communities as research partners, we set a precedent in bioethics, protect Yanomami rights, and ensure benefit sharing.

Infrastructure and Communication Systems

We replace diesel generators with solar energy and lithium batteries and are in the process of installing satellite internet at key security sites in Yanomami territory. This will improve communication networks, enhance disease surveillance and medical response times, and increase vigilance against encroaching threats.

Yanomami Foundation
David Good and a Yanomami woman

Intercultural Education

We foster intercultural training to empower Yanomami communities, promote cultural diversity, and cultivate inclusive and equitable partnerships, policies, and services that address Yanomami needs and aspirations.

The Yanomami Endowment Fund will support the following on-going projects:


Replace gas generators with solar power at two Yanomami schools, one in Venezuela and one in Brazil, as well as a medical clinic to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decreases reliance on finite fossil fuels, and promotes sustainable, renewable energy use.


Construct a basecamp research station in Brazil to facilitate long-term discovery research in health and biology, create local jobs, and serve as an educational post for Yanomami students.


Facilitate educational workshops that empower the Yanomami to preserve their cultural heritage, achieve socio-economic advancement, and assert their rights within broader society.


Fund research expeditions that will provide insights into the evolution of human health, disease resistance, and the impact of modern lifestyles on our microbiome while ensuring benefit-sharing with the Yanomami.

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